Weighing and dosing of goods

Manual dosing device for granules, loose and small piece goods are suitable for dosing and subsequent packaging of products such as pasta, legumes, dried fruits, herbs, teas, nuts, coconut, coffee, candies, beads, chips, etc.
Max. output
doses per minute
Max. dose volume
Max. weighing capacity
Power supply
230 V
+ compressed air
Delivered more than

Pair of weight sensors

… Ensures stable attachment of the dosing pocket and hight dosing accuracy



  • 7“ Touch screen
  • 4 optional work screens, show the operating data you need
  • Graphic guide to setting up a new product
  • Clear traffic statistics
  • Operating instructions integrated into the screens
  • Cleaning mode
  • Automatic tare of adhesive products is performed after a selected number of weighings


... watch the video and find out the practical benefits of a dosing weigher!

novy obal do 30 sekund

New packaging within 30 seconds

Thanks to the bottom attachment of the hopper, you can switch to another package within 30 seconds ( changing the hopper, adjusting the table height and switchinh to another program).

no picture

3 basic frame sizes

... for staff sitting or standing up, we can also design a tailor-made frame for you.

vylepsena ochrana kapsy

Improved pocket protection

… protects against accidental overload.

antivibracni system

Anti-vibration system

… for a quiet pocket even with the disposing of piece products.

demontaz dilu bez pouziti naradi

Tool-free disassembly of parts

… Saves your time and simplifies maintenance.

mobilni provedeni

Mobile design

… including a brake and fixed locking for accurate weighing.

nozni ovladac

Foot control

… ensures daily professional use.

zdravotne nezavadne

Harmless to health

= health certificate … areas that are in contact with the goods are documented by a health certificate.

Technical parameters

 (Doses/min.) do 30
Weighing range 6 - 7000 g
Weighing pocket volume (I) 7,0
Dose accuracy the standard "e"
Hopper volume (I) 30
Power voltage 230 V - 50 Hz
Air consumption at 0.6 MPa per dose (I) 0,1
Noise (dB) 75
Machine weight (kg) 250
Size L x H x W  (mm) 1885x860x1960

*The performence depends on the ssize of the batch, the type of goods dispensed and the skill of the operator.

Expansion options

hlucne produkty

Noisy products

For noisy products, such as nuts, screws,a noise reduction and treatments are applied.

prasne produkty

Dusty products

… covering the entire weight, including the entrance to the hopper with prepatation for suction

hlucne produkty

Waterproof design

… cleaning the contact surfaces with water to ensure maximum hygiene.

lepive produkty

Adhesive products

Contact surfaces can be provided with a teflon or a nanotechnological protection surface, wich reduces the adhesion of the product.

hlucne produkty

Frozen products

… adjustment of the weight for refrigeration plants

snizeni adheze

Reduction of adhesion

Contact surfaces can be provided with a teflon or nanotechnological surface, which reduce the adhesion of the procut.

zvyseni vykonu

Performance increase

… modular solution allows gradual increase of performance.

mixovani produktu

Product mixing

… by adding a additional weighing stream, more types of products can be dispensed into the package.