• MZ4 is a marking device that is used to indicate the production date, weight, quality, or other text on the bag.
  • All settings can be set either from the panel of ASTRO packaging machine or from small external control panel, which is delivered according to customer requirements.
  • Printing is through thermal embossing pigmented tape. Tapes are manufactured in various colors.
  • Date or text can be placed at any location on the bag and can be in four lines.
Thermal transfer printer MZ4 Printing block Print sample
MZ4 Printing block Print sample
Thermal transfer printer MZ4
Technical parameters  
Printing speed 120 cycles per minute
Maximum print range (mm) 60 x 55
Maximum diameter of tape roll (mm) 140
Diameter of the cavity (mm) 25
Air pressure (MPa) from 0,3 to 05
Power (W) 60
Power supply 230 V/50 Hz
Air consumption at 0.6 MPa per cycle (l) 0,1
Weight (kg) 8
Dimensions H x W x L (mm) ...x200x265450

Pigment heat embossing tape
Pigmentary tapes are used for marking and dating on packing of product. Printing method: warm metal stamp prints over color pigmentary tape on wrapping material. Exact tape type is determined by print testing on wrapping material. Printing temperature can achieve 70 °C upto 240 °C. Tape length in reel is 61 m, 122 m, 183 m, 244 m, 305 m. Reel with 305m of tape has its outside diameter 100mm. Tape width increases from 10 mm on every 5 mm upto maximal 760 mm. Inner core diameter is 25 mm. From one 305 m reel is possible to print upto 75000 dates in height of 4 mm.