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Packing Soft Loose Curd into Boxes with a Bag

hromadka tvarohu

... even this product can be dosed accurately without breaking the structure of the dosed product!

CIP Clenaing

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... automatic machine cleaning brings significant time savings in the production process!

Antimicrobial Finish

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... the stainless steel design of the line and CIP cleaning guarantee the quality of your product! 98.7% of the material used is stainless steel AISI 304, which is suitable for the dairy industry.

Remote Control

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... the packaging line allows remote management via phone, tablet or computer!

Proven Principle

The curd is first homogenized then ready for the dosing device. Here, the exact dosing of the required weight into the packaging machine takes place.a.

Proven Funcionality

... almost thirty lines have already been mostly delivered to Eastern Europe and Russia.The lines now operate both in the Czech Republic and in Siberia, 6,000 km away.