Multihead weighers

Vægte er egnede til dosering af forarbejdede eller friske fødevarer.


Technical parameters        
Weighers type MULTI 10 MULTI 14 MULTI 10 BIG MULTI 14 BIG
output (doses/min.) * up to 80 up to 150 up to 60 up to 110
weighing range (g) 7 - 3000 7 - 3000 7 - 5000 7 - 5000
weighing accuracy according to the standard „e" according to the standard „e" according to the standard „e" according to the standard „e"
power supply 230 V/50 Hz 230 V/50 Hz 230 V/50 Hz 230 V/50 Hz
power (kW) 2 3 3 3

* Output is dependent on the dose size and on the kind of products.

power supply only 230 V
stainless steel design
connection to PC
water washable

Machine description
colour touch screen for easy and visual adjustment of functions and parameters with statistics
statistic data
memory for 99 other adjustment with picture insert function
vibration adjustment of single vibrators
actual displaying of weigh of each of weighing pocket
special system for dosing of long products
automatic regulation of weighing
el. cover IP44 (IP65)

for dry products
- e.g. chips, dry fruits, nuts, bisquits and candy, small bakery products, grain or instant caffee, tea, sugar, rice, spices, pasta, granulated food
for frozen foods
- e.g. frozen vegetables, forzen french fries
for adhesive products
- e.g. chocolate rolls, gelatinous bears
for fresh food products
- e.g. coleslaw
for unfood products
- e.g. screws, pearl beading, electric components, furniture fittings

PC software
low friction surface for adhesive products
collecting pocket for rejection of noncombinable doses
distribution of dose to the 2 or more independent places

optional software for synchronizing PC up to 16 multi head weighers
processing parameters
actual displaying